SSR System Ltd is a dynamic and progressive young company with a clear objective – to provide its clients with innovative and cost-effective business solutions through the efficient deployment and integration of information technology.

SSR System Ltd had the vision to further its growth and UK presence and could see that Redwire DC customer service and hands on approach were in line with that of their own ethos. The flexibility and willingness to schedule meetings and visits around SSR system created ease. With a unique facility location and customer focus outlook, Redwire DC met the criteria.

Why Redwire DC

  • High-end customer focus outlook
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability

The brief:

In 2015 came the birth of SSR System a dynamic IT service company that ensured to deliver performance, up-to date hosting facilities, and results to its clients. As the business grew and secured clients in the London area, it needed to guarantee it could live up to its promises and requirements. Delivering high-end service and most importantly efficiency, which is essential.

An essential factor when selecting the right data centre was that it needed to have sufficient capacity, ability to scale up with ease, and multiple redundant paths for continuous uptime. A centre that could provide remote hands on, relieving the worry and stress that is surrounded by housing the equipment in-house. Overall providing its clients experience, up to date optimal IT services, and solutions that are consistent anywhere in the world.

The solution:

SSR system can now offer an array of hosting options to its clients within their rack, allowing them to deliver an optimal platform, where downtime is mitigated and deployment time is rapid and effective. This generates a flexible and cost-effective solution resulting in a more attractive profit margin. Working with Redwire DC, SSR system can offer unrivaled service, uptime and security to its London users. Furthermore, having the flexibility to rapidly upscale when the time is right, existing hosting services.

The result:

  • Cost effective solution, capital has been reinjected into SSR business model which in turn has increased SSR sales
  • General maintenance is easy due to location
  • Looking to take additional space

Like all clients, SSR System analysed the data centre market to ensure they selected the right provider. Resulting in Redwire DC trumping other providers due to its location, competitive pricing, and great service throughout including after sale support and service. Although Redwire DC had covered all variables during the sales process, the service required since has been very minimal.

Redwire DC’s cost-effective solution has enabled SSR system to reinvest capital into the business while still retaining a high-end service and allowing them to develop their model. SSR system is in discussions with Redwire DC currently about expansion plans by taking additional racking space.

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