Redwire CEO Camran Mirza has pledged to put the Ealing-based data centre owner and operator ‘on the channel map’ and has enlisted Graham Byrne to lead its first partner recruitment campaign. Mirza said he is on a mission to devolve the power of data centres to their users having established RedwireDC, a new data centre designed for ‘modern enterprises and start-ups’, he claimed.

The concept of a modern data centre is changing with the evolution of cloud-based services

“The cloud shouldn’t be exclusive. It should be flexible and accommodate our ever changing mobile world regardless of the platform a user is running.”

RedwireDC is located on two connectivity thoroughfares with fibre from multiple networks and is positioned near high speed transport links from east London and the Docklands, through to Heathrow Airport.

According to MD Ameer Mirza the facility is another nail in the coffin of traditional data centres and office spaces, and he provides a new level of customer service akin to that offered by a family business.

“Businesses are not simply cogs in the machine, we empower them to be the machine,” he commented. “The trend is towards hybrid data centres that cater for just about anyone’s needs. A place that allows the consumer and enterprise to come together and access the cloud however they see fit.”

With the increasing number of enterprises developing cloud first strategies there is a channel opportunity to provide not just adaptability but also customisability, believes Byrne.

“Redwire resides at the intersection of the realm of people, offices and the traditional IT stack, hosted in a DC and connected to the public cloud,” he said.

“Security is our foremost priority, ensuring that the co-work and serviced office space above is separated from our clients’ sensitive information and equipment stored below.”

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