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Why Redwire DC

  • Reliability
  • Resilience
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Transparent pricing structure

The brief:

NewFlight initial driver was to find a London based Data Centre that could provide a facility with up to date infrastructure to host their mission critical data along with being located close to a viable serviced office source.

Identifying a fair and clear pricing structure with flexible terms was essential. The end solution needed to be tailor made to suite the brief and be able to scale up at short notice. With huge expansion and demand present, NewFlight had limited time and required a service provider who could offer a complete concierge package, allowing them to focus on their clients’ needs.

The solution:

Partnering with Redwire DC has allowed NewFlight to establish a resilient infrastructure allowing it to scale its customer outlook and reach. Delivering a solution to its clients that is reliable, secure, and efficient.

The result:

After looking at 3 other data centre providers, Redwire DC surpassed the lot with location, reliability & ability to fulfil the NewFlight IT and office requirements. Redwire DC has partnered up with BoomZone allowing the site to provide a Tier III facility alongside a premium serviced office environment.

Choosing Redwire DC meant NewFlight could locate their infrastructure at a reliable and resilient facility in conjunction with their HQ. The Redwire and BoomZone team both showed passion, commitment, and engaging sales process, working alongside one another throughout the process resulting in a seamless journey.

In a nutshell:

  • One stop shop, providing both IT and office solutions
  • Latency is lower than ever before
  • Expansion and scalability plans are in motion
  • Time saved across both IT and office aspects

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